July 4, 2010

ok,im sad.im angry.im stupid.


Ok,im sad.im angry.im stupid.
Bad luck falls on me again.
Why God treated me in such way.
My "triple 5" book (A book in which represent those signs for the skills of procedures you've done in ward under supervision and satisfied by the supervisor,so you got signed in this book),has turned over a bad leaf.A 'vege',i supposed.
With my stupidity,carelessly i put it into washing machine together with my uniform.Well,turned out 'vege' back to me.
*will be alright,Julie Ong!*

June 11, 2010

lifes dull

Seriously dull.
Everything,anything is just D.U.L.L.
Wish to close my eyes not to see whats happening around,and close my ears not to hear whatever nonsence that travels around!
Keep everything out of sight and mind,and rest totally,i wish.
Not that i doubted my interest,but doubted the environment like how i does since the first day itself i stepped into this compund.
When you've chosen to start off,it would never stops,never ends.
Once you're a Nurse,forever you're a Nurse.Forever to be tight with times,the compact times.Ever ever e.v.e.r.

April 30, 2010

Much responsibilities

We got our class/group photo session done.

To settle down and arrange the position is not easy for the 94 of us.

Its a huge number!

And representatives photos done pun :)

Learned something thats really thrilling and challenging for me.
-Suture&removing of stiches
Well,i love injections :)
Because i got to do on my friend rather than do it on a dummy!
The moment i injected the needle into her skin,its like........oh wow!julie ong,you did it!hahah.
*even though im bit shaking actually,cause tutor supervising me by the side*
Great experience afterall :)
My injection site.

STO(suture to off)

April 17, 2010

green band

Its been a while im MIA.
Recently hooked up my life with books.
and yea...i got my green band alrd,its my first band in my life.representing some soso status in this college as a student nurse.
haha :)

Life's enriching with some cool procedures.and i guess im enjoying it much well.
Toilet and suturing simply means stiches.Giving injections simply means poking with needles.Bandaging simply means balut-ing particular part of body that injured/fracture.



March 18, 2010


its been a period i didnt ups with my blog.
well,im currently stressed up in the situation.
busy working..
chasing for signs..
rushing for assignments..
running assessment..
all gotta being done before back to on block in 3 weeks time more.

will be right back.byeeee.

February 13, 2010

Sem 2 Test 1,holiday.


My exam period.
Everyone is fighting for the best :)
When it comes to the 11th,everyone starts freak out.
LOLs.the last day for the test one.Happy giler.
Finished test one,it means one week holiday started after so long,and posting back.CNY is in the air.
"playing truant" in times square with couple of friends.
The hainan ladies.Pretty much.hahahaha.

PJ lang(ppl),penang lang,ipoh lang,gopeng lang,and rawang lang.
Im home.
It was so high spirit.
At first,straight dashed in my room once i stepped in the hse.
And...i saw my room... *stunt*.
Gosh,love it so much.
Happy CNY and valentine in advance :)

February 12, 2010



Headed to Malacca with bunch of my friends after classes that ended at 4pm.
The time was so packed because we got to get the bus sharp at 5.
To my dismay,its raining day too.Somehow,fortunately,we arrived at 4.59pm :)We were mad like hell.

This journey was included two of my malacca local friends.So they would be our tour leader for the entire 3 days :)

In LRT with the heavy like backpack.

Reached destination around 8pm.
Kinda late already.
After dropped off our stuffs in the tour leader's hse,hence starts our makan journey.

Satay celup was one of it.It seems yiuuuu..satay sauce obviously is shared among the public,but who cares if you really want to have some finger licking food in the foreign places :)

Crazy girls caught late in the night.Fall asleep around 2am+.
The next morning,we had Malacca nasi lemak with fried eggs.
The breakie is just more than enough.

This day,all our stories happened here,the Jonker Street.
Imagine we stayed there from 12noon to 11pm.
Memang pun we are shoppie kakis even though exhausted to the max.
We paid a visit in this tortura house-The exhibition of medieval instruments of punishment.
Goosebumps to the max when we walking along inside the muzium.
The purpose we posed with this signboard because we come from Tun Tan Cheng Lock College Of Nursing.So...promote a bit lah.

Had cendol in the mid of walking under the sun.
I was steaming in the roadway because its so hotttt.

Later,we had lunch at Malacca well known restaurant,the hainan chicken rice ball.
hmm..Taste great.thumbs up.

All the way we walked from jonker street to Dataran Mall and Pahlawan Mall.
Then headed back to jonker street AGAIN for pasar malam.
Had dinner there :)

Afterall,its time to go back,for our next plan.
A CNY movie-Woohoo.
Movie ended around 2am.
Bedtime story began :)
Next morning,we packed our stuffs and headed to another friend's for homecook breakfast by her lovely mum.
Thanks for the cooks.
There marks an end for our 3days journey :)
Enjoyed and thrilled.
Returned to hostel happily. Hello college and bye malacca.

February 3, 2010

A place that i couldn't speak.

This the place that i mentioned."The Blogspot".

You might think that Facebook,Blog or Friendster is a place where you can shout out.
But actually not :(
Becasue internets are always worldwide.
Anything that you've posted,everyone will noticed it!
We dont have any privacy or rather the power of posting up your feelings.
All under control.

Well,college has banned us from doing this.
Gotta delete all up anything related to TTCL.so sad....
Ought to express feelings in blogspot,but not anymore.
If caught,students will be treated with legal actions.

I know...this is unfair :"(

January 21, 2010


Its been 7 months i stayed with them.
Means,there's another 2 and half year i got to live with them.
Let me introduce the other 3 who shared the room with me.
1st.The malay lady. (no comment but it would better if she helps on the room stuffs)
2nd.The Sarawakian. (Sticked to the books till late night and always wake up the earliest!She's alien!)
3rd.The indian lady. (Can't live without her boyfie!and she's burung hantu-sleep late night)
We all come from differ background,differ culture,differ lifestyle.Totally different!
It should be a delighted stuffs when you talk about your roommates right?
But not in mine.The story would not happen to me.ever.
It should be confidential,but i dont mind if they would see this.Who cares?
Frustrated with em'.
Not ever we'll coorperate,helping each other.
I do mean it.Because they seriously dont even give a piece of heart to this sweet room.
A room shall be clean,shall be tidy,shall be..what so ever.But the dreadful room of mine.Im dead.
Can you imagine none of them actually willing to hand the broom and clean the room or even pick up a piece of paper on the floor?N-O-N-E!
They will just ignore it!
Sometimes i wondered how terror they are to live with loaded rubbish.
Yea.Maybe that's your living style.
But please HELLO!you are a future nurse.shouldnt you take good care of your personal belongings before you are actually take care of a patient's life?
Rubbish bin fully loaded but you still can squeeze the rubbish till it seriously dropped out and tangling there.and you dont volunteer clear it and replace it with a new plastic bag.
The floor is dusty,water spilt on it...you all still can stand with it.
Toilet sink is stuck,but you all still can use it till it overloaded.My gosh!
Are you girls a normal human being?
Everyday im the only one who work hard on it.Do all the house chores for you girls!
Wake up lah!!!You spend mostly moments here,do you realise that??Can you give a resposibility towards this so called lovely room?
Dont wait till i burned out and yell at everyone of you.
Nah.Do not try to sabotage me!

January 16, 2010

Group 69


Outing with the sentosarians.
Met up with em' at Midvalley's Spaghetti Grill after my class.
and had my lunch there too :)
Upset cause dont get to shop around for more hours due to we have to get back Sentosa around 5pm :"(

Later then i picked up my new ordered lenses at Rawang's spec shop.
I'm a newbie in using lenses anyway.
Tried one hour,successfully inserted it into my pity eyes.
Have a good try :)
So now officially,Julie knows how to wear lenses edi.Dont laugh at me though :)


Its getting more and more problems and situations needed to be face by G69.
Seniors doesnt look good into us.
Juniors doesnt respect us.
Tutors think that we are not unite is the causation to everything.
But indeed,i thk we are not that bad perhaps.
Yea,it might be some of trouble makers that live in our group,i admitted.
But can y'all tell me that no trouble makers at all that live in other group too?Can you?you cant!
But we,everyone are trying so hard,cooperating to cope all over the problem.
Just because there's 94 of us,the largest group ever in this college,so it makes us so popular...in every aspects.
A single little thing we did,it is always observed by anyone else.
All because "we are such a big group"!
Eh hello...wake up lah.Do not doubted on our contribution lah.
Alright,forget it.
Night of the day.I had an outing with coursemates to OUG night market again :)
This time CNY decoration thingie is our aim!
So we bought some and back to hostel.hence,started the decorations :)
Makes our pantry look a lil' feel into CNY~
Satisfied overall.